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Nada O’Loughlin

Nada loves painting the sea and ocean, these are her favourite subjects. Nada is very well known for her paintings of  our Coastal Beaches, Australian Birds and Venetian scenes. You can decorate your home to your taste with personalised commissioned paintings or browse through the following galleries, to make your choice.


Browse through my site to discover the many new paintings I have recently completed, for more information please phone me on

0413 656 396

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Beaches, Coastal Scenes & Sea Life

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Living at Port Stephens, Nada loves spending time exploring the many beautiful  areas of our coastline, finding many inspiring subjects to paint.

Nada  is also fascinated by the beauty of the under-water world.

Using wide sided canvases Nada paints more and more in Acrylics these days, Finding that she can capture the rich blues and greens of the ocean with this medium. These paintings are ready to hang and will form a magical piece for you home decoration.