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Nada O’Loughlin

Nada loves painting the sea and ocean in watercolour and oils, these are her favourite mediums. Nada is very well known for her paintings of  our Coastal Beaches, Australian Birds and Venetian scenes. You can decorate your home to your taste with personalised commissioned paintings or browse through the following galleries, to make your choice.


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Learn watercolour painting of Australian Birds

with Nada O’Loughlin

Nada is a well known wildlife artist from Nelson Bay NSW.

After a recent visit to Darwin, Nada came back inspired to paint and share her love of birds through her art.

“The joy of painting gives me such pleasure, and here I would like to share my knowledge of watercolour painting with you. The Barn Owl is such an exciting bird that it is one of my favourites to  paint.”

After selecting a group of photos, Nada worked on a composition on a long narrow stretched sheet of hot press (smooth) 300 gm pure white watercolour paper. Nada chose 2 larger owls and placed them on a branch with their three fluffy chicks.

“Using my photos for reference I commenced painting the eyes of the birds, I find this gives each bird its own character. Working in a range of light browns, I washed in shadows around the eyes and the beak, gradually working all over each individual bird, building up the strength of colours leaving the pure white of the paper as the lightest areas.”

The Barn Owl Family

Previous Original Watercolour paintings of Owls

Little Barn Owls

Tawny Frogmouth

Nada painted these owls on a half sheet of stretched cold press watercolour paper. The birds and leaves were masked in and when the masking fluid was dry the paper was sprayed with water. The colours were then dropped in, giving a soft subdued back ground. By  painting negatively in back ground Nada was able to bring out a lot of interesting foliage shapes.

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Recent Barn Owl Paintings where painted on Arches 300 gm stretched watercolour paper, this allowed me to freely flow my colours over the paper without it buckling.

What a joy it was to see them blending together creating some magical effects

ThThe Barn Owls

II Spy