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Nada O’Loughlin

Nada loves painting the sea and ocean in watercolour and oils, these are her favourite mediums. Nada is very well known for her paintings of  our Coastal Beaches, Australian Birds and Venetian scenes. You can decorate your home to your taste with personalised commissioned paintings or browse through the following galleries, to make your choice.


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Kakadu Paintings

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Spent a great time in Darwin with my dear friends Barbara and Lamaan, lots of site-seeing and gathering of excellent reference material for future paintings.

Stayed over-night at The Aurora Motel, South Alligator, did the Famous Yellow Water Billabong Cruise, we observed lots of huge salt-water crocodiles, prehistoric Monsters I think, wasn’t tempted to go for a swim.

I was very interested in the bird life, everywhere we looked there were all different types of water birds, co-existing with saltwater crocodiles. These included Greater Egrets, Magpie geese, the Jabaru, Whistling ducks and many more. A paradise for an artist like me.